General Questions

Where is my order?
You will receive an email or text message with a tracking number once your order ships. You will be notified depending on which preferred method of notification you selected at checkout.

Do you ship internationally?
No, we only ship to the continental United States at this time.

Are you sold in stores?
Yes, you can find our products in local independent and specialty toy stores. Contact us  to see if our products are near you. Store locator coming soon!

Do you have a warranty?
No, we do not.

My product seems to be defective, may I return it for a replacement?
If you encounter any issues with your products, please take a photo of the issue and contact us. We will take good care of you.

How long does it take for my order to ship?
Orders placed are shipped the next business day.

How will my order ship?
All orders ship First Class via United States Postal Service

I have a question not listed here. Can I contact you directly?
Please do! Email us at and one of our representatives will get back to you.

Can I sell your products in my store?
We’d love to work together! Please visit our wholesale page to fill out the contact form and our sales team will be in touch.

Are your products safe to play with?
Yes! We comply with all consumer safety requirements and specifications. Our safety report is available should you need it.

Shashibo Questions

How do I open it?
Start at one of the corners, and pull it open like a pistachio.

How do I know which shapes to create?
We have this super handy dandy Shashibo shape guide you can download here. Check off which ones you have done as you complete them to become a master!

How many shapes can I create?
You can create over 70 shapes with just 1 Shashibo. But don’t stop there. You can add 2, 3, 4, or more to unlock even more shapes and create new ones!

Is there a limit to how many you can connect together?
As the saying goes… the more, the merrier. We’ve used as many as 30 Shashibos to build large structures!

How many magnets are in 1 Shashibo?
Each Shashibo has 36 rare earth magnets.

Wandini Questions

What type of batteries do I use for Wandini?
None! Wandini is rechargeable with a USB.

What are the replacement O rings for?
We offer replacement O rings to use if original rings have worn from use. These silicone rings keep the wand pieces secure when assembled into middle section. Check the ends of your wand pieces to see them.

How do I purchase a long string for my Wandini?
Coming soon! Long string will be available to purchase right here on! 

My Wandini doesn’t seem balanced. Why?
This happens when Wandini is not assembled correctly. Check the instructions that came with your Wandini to follow the steps and make sure the correct ends are inserted correctly into the middle section.

I threw out my Wandini instructions. Do you have a PDF copy?
View/download it here.

I want to learn more moves and motions. Do you have instructional videos for Wandini?
Yes we do! Download the Fun in Motion Toys app, or visit our YouTube channel for a complete library of beginner to advanced videos!

Spinballs Questions

Are they rechargeable? Yes our new Glow.0 Spinballs are now rechargeable with USB and a charging cord is included.

I have an old set of Spinballs with batteries. What type of batteries and how long do they last? Battery type: CR1632 (2 per poi ball) The batteries we ship with have 24 hrs of playtime.

Does your Spinballs poi have a swivel? 

What’s the length, diameter of head, and mass of your poi?
Diameter: 3.5 inches
Adjustable leash: 14 inches – 28 inches
Mass of head: 2oz

Are there different modes and different amounts of battery drained per mode?
Below are the several different light modes. The one that drains the most battery is the white mode with the dotted pattern
1 – Rainbow Fade – slowly goes through the rainbow spectrum of colors
2 – Solid Color – pick a color and it stays there
3 – Rainbow Fade – slowly go through the rainbow spectrum of colors and repeats
4 – Strobe – flashes through green/ red /blue in a strobe pattern
5 – Strobe – flashes through the rainbow of colors in a strobe pattern
6 – Flame – simulates the look of fire
7 – White – solid
8 – White – dotted Pattern

Are there color options per pattern?
No, there are no sub-modes per pattern, but the patterns are described above.

Can you program them?
No, but it remains on the last pattern you select before you turn them off.

How is Spinballs different than other poi on the market?
For a few reasons. Spinballs are softer than most poi. The features/modes of the LED, like the white strobe modes, are also not found with comparably-priced poi on the market. Plus, our swivel and cord are designed for durability and better performance than low cost poi.

What’s the material of the balls?
PVC / Rotocasting

I want to learn the moves and motions. Do you have instructional videos for Spinballs?
Yes we do! Download the Fun in Motion Toys app, or visit our YouTube channel for a complete library of beginner to advanced videos!

Mozi Questions

How do I start using Mozi?
While mozi is flattened like a ring, put your hand through it and it will automatically spring open on your arm! Then raise your arm up and down to keep it moving from arm to arm. Keep it going by passing it to a friend!

How do I close my Mozi?
Sandwich mozi in between your hands and turn your top hand clockwise to flatten it. You will see the rings loosen before returning to its ring shape.

Is Mozi the same as Toroflux?
Yes, we teamed up with the team at Toroflux to bring you Mozi and Glozi.

What cool tricks can you do with your mozi?
Lots! Download the Fun in Motion Toys app to learn some tricks from our Mozi Master, Matt. He’ll show you moves you didn’t know possible!

MAP Policy

Q: What is a MAP Policy?

A: Fun In Motion Toys has unilaterally implemented a MAP Policy which is a policy setting the
minimum price at which Fun In Motion Toys’ products can be advertised by all Authorized
Distributors and Resellers off-site. The MAP Policy applies only to minimum advertised prices, not
actual resale prices. All Authorized Distributors and Resellers are free to sell our products at any
price they choose. Please see the MAP Policy for additional information. Please do not hesitate to
contact us with any additional questions you have concerning our MAP Policy.

Q: Is the MAP Policy a required agreement?

A: No. The MAP Policy is a unilateral policy of Fun In Motion Toys that applies universally to all
Authorized Distributors and Resellers. The MAP Policy does not constitute an agreement and it is
not subject to input or negotiation with or from Authorized Distributors, Resellers or third parties.

Q: What promotional programs are offered by Fun In Motion Toys to support the advertising of
Fun In Motion Toys’ by Authorized Distributors and Resellers?

A: Fun In Motion Toys offers a host of promotional support options to its Authorized Distributors
and Resellers. Please contact us for additional information. Fun In Motion Toys’ Authorized
Distributors and Resellers have access to exclusive point of purchase displays including our unique
video displays, lenticular displays, metal backed magnetic displays and many others! Authorized
Resellers are also listed on the Fun In Motion Toys’ Store Locator System